Sunday, April 28, 2013

Song of the Week - Girl Don't Tell Me by The Beach Boys

I was in my teens when the Beach Boys were at their peak. I loved their music and still do. This song is from their 1965 album "Summer Days (And Summer Nights!!)".  It was the flip side to one of their biggest hits "Barbara Ann".

Any song that is 48-years-old is bound to have some anachronisms compared to today, but this song couldn't even be written today.

The plot of the song is simple, guy meets girl one summer while visiting his gran. Falls in love and leaves her at the end of the summer with "tears in his eyes". From what ever dreary place is lives in the winter, he writes to her but she doesn't write back. When he returns the next summer, he bumps into her. "Hey, remember me, I'm the guy from last summer".

In this day and age of tweets, texts, Facebook, Instigram, Tumbler and other stuff I probably don't even know about, how would it be possible to not have any contact at all after leaving a summer romance?

It's still a good song.

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Hackenbush said...

I've never heard that one. I like the hook.