Thursday, April 25, 2013

100-card Fairfield Repack

Here are some more cards from that Fairfield repack where I found the Steve Carlton Giants card.   As I said, I always find stuff I like or need in these things. There were 50 cards in the package that I didn't have.  The cards I can't use go into the mix for a future Summer Clearance Trade. 

I've noticed a recent trend toward less late 1980's cards. Could the seemingly inexhaustible supply of 1987 Topps cards be drying up?

1981 Topps #129 Art Howe
Future Astros manager (1989-1993).

1983 Fleer #406 Jerry Dybzinski
I hope that his last name is easier to pronounce than it looks.

1985 Topps #183 Larry McWilliams
They don't make uniforms like this anymore.

1990 MVP Rookies Superstars #1 Ben McDonald
This is the second card from this odd little set that I've seen.  McDonald was hot in the hobby in 1990. He was the first player drafted in the 1989 draft, and made his ML debut with the Orioles in September 1989.

2002 Ultra #193 J. T. Snow
Interesting photo.

2007 Topps Walmart #26 Cole Hamels
After that Carlton Star '87 card, this is the second best card in the package. In fact this was one of the cards showing and is why I bought it.

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