Saturday, February 23, 2013

Random Cards from my Collection #38

I'm going to try and be a little more systematic with these random collection posts. We'll see how long that lasts.

Card #23956
2002 Donruss Best of Fan Club #138 Billy Wagner
Comments on the card: I like Billy the Kid's mean guy expression but I really don't like the Dufux finish. Best of Fan Club was a complete parallel set to Donruss Fan Club, sold separately. The only difference was the Dufex finish.
When acquired: Don't know but probably in 2002
How acquired: I paid $0.65/per card for the 10-card set on eBay
Player's season: Billy was 4-2 with 35 saves. He appeared in 70 games, pitching 75 innings with a 2.52 ERA

Card #26477
1990 Bowman #77 Andujar Cedeno

Comments on the card: Rainbow uniform!  Was there anything to like about 1990 Bowman besides that the cards were normal sized?
When acquired: 2011
How acquired: Paid $0.04/card for a 278-card Fairfield cube
Player's season: Andujar had 8 plate appearances for the Astros, got no hits and struck out 5 times.

Card #7701
2000 Upper Deck Five-Tool Talents #1 Vladimir Guerrero
Comments on the card: Shiny! Random inserts (1:11) in Upper Deck.
When acquired: 2006
How acquired: Paid $0.15, probably in a repack.
Player's season: Vlad the Impaler hit .345 with 44 home runs and was an All-Star. A Player I Collect.

Card #28145
2002 Fleer Tradition #280 Daryle Ward
Comments on the card: Thick, plain cards, featuring a 1930's Goudey design that we'll see again on 2008 Upper Deck Goudey.
When acquired: 2011
How acquired: 2011 Summer Clearance Trade
Player's season: Daryle's 5th and last season for the Astros, and probably his best with them. He hit .276 with 72 RBIs. He was traded to the Dodgers for Ruddy Lugo (no idea who this is).

Card #8530
2005 Fleer Showcase #117 Willie McCovey

Comments on the card: Nice looking 135-card set produced by Fleer full of short-print cards like this one.
When acquired: Don't know
How acquired: Paid $0.06 in a repack.
Player's season: Stretch played 19 years for the Giants, hitting 469 of his 521 home runs for them.

Card #29939
1998 Pinnacle Inside #16 Albert Belle
Comments on the card: One of the oddest ideas in a decade full of odd baseball card ideas, these cards came packed in a steel can that had to be opened with a can opener.
When acquired: Don't know, but most likely in 1998
How acquired: Don't know
Player's season: Albert had a good season for the White Sox, hitting .329 with 49 home runs. A Player I Collect.

Card #22686
2007 Topps #547 Byung-Hyun Kim
Comments on the card: Perhaps the worst Topps design of the century so far.
When acquired: 2007
How acquired: Paid $.15 in a blaster box.
Player's season: Kim was 1-2 with the Rockies with a 10.50 ERA before he began an oddessy where he was traded to the Marlins, picked of waivers by the D-Backs, released by the D-Backs and resigned with the Marlins.

Card #13571
1991 Fleer #405 Roger McDowell
Comments on the card: Not the worst card design of 1991. Give that award to Topps
When acquired: Don't know but probably in 1991.
How acquired: Don't know
Player's season: Roger was 3-6 with 3 saves for the dreadful 1991 Phillies before getting traded in July to the Dodgers for Braulio Castillo and Mike Hartley.

Card #12190
2004 Playoff Prestige #125 Andy Pettitte
Comments on the card: With so many different card brands out there, how do you distinguish yourself from the crowd? With abstract geometric shapes, I guess.
When acquired: 2009
How acquired: A gift from a Friend of the Blog
Player's season: In the first year of a $31.5 million 3-year contract, Andy missed most of the season with the Astros due to elbow surgery. A Player I Collect.

Card #4936
1981 Donruss #382 Keith Moreland
Comments on the card: Donruss inaugural attempt. Nice clean design.
When acquired: Don't know but I wasn't collecting in 1981 so it wasn't then.
How acquired: Don't  know.
Player's season: Keith's nickname was apparently Zonk, but I don't remember him being called that in Philadelphia. He was mainly a catcher and 3rd baseman but with Bob Boone and Mike Schmidt at those positions he didn't get much playing time. He was traded to the Cubs after the 1981 season where he became a regulare starter.

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