Friday, February 8, 2013

Fairfield Authentic Memorabilia repack

When there's nothing new at the big box store (I got this about a week before 2013 Topps was released), these are always a treat. The three packs almost always have something I want.  The memorabilia card is a total crap shoot, sometimes it's crap, sometimes it's not. When I open something like this, I'm looking for Players I Collect and any additions to my reference set.

2009 Upper Deck Ballpark Collection #108 Randy Johnson/Carlos Delgado
Well, OK, a dual jersey serial numbered card. Well worth the price of the total package ($9.98). This is the sort of high-end set I don't buy when it's new. For one thing the packs are expensive. For another, the big box stores don't carry this stuff, and as I've lamented before, there are no hobby shops near where I live.

2008 Upper Deck Timeline #151 B. J. Upton
This is a set I like, but mainly the subsets featuring old and rather obscure Upper Deck designs, as this one does.

2009 Upper Deck Gold #564 Milton Bradley
Not one of my favorite sets and I didn't get anyone I wanted in this 16-card Series 2 pack, but then there was this. An Upper Deck Gold parallel, serial numbered to 99. These gold parallel cards were a tough pull and I didn't have one. Between this and the Ballpark Collection card I'm well satisfied with this repack.

2009 Upper Deck Star Quest Gold Rare #39 Evan Longoria
I don't care much for these Star Quest cards but the Gold Rare cards were relatively hard to get. There were actually two of these in the pack, the other was Jimmy Rollins of the Phillies, but I'd already had 4 of them as the result of past Summer Clearance trades. Longoria isn't really a Player I Collect but he's one of a handful of players who are on the bubble and I usually keep their cards.

2010 Topps Opening Day #45 Carl Crawford
I didn't really need any more of this product but I like the photo. Crawford is safe at second while the fielder is raptured away.

2010 Topps Opening Day Superstar Celebrations #3 Yankees
This was a pleasant surprise at the bottom of the pack. I had all the insert cards from this set except for this and the autograph.

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