Sunday, July 22, 2012

Song of the Week - Deltron 3030

This will be a pretty unusual Song of the Week. I am not a big fan of hip hop but I really like this album. I first heard this song on a 2002 television series called Robbery Homicide Division. It featured Tom Sizemore as the head of the Homicide Division of the Los Angeles police department. It was a very gritty show, very dark, very violent. It showed that being a policeman in LA was a very dangerous business. This song played under the opening credits. In the opening show of the series, the first 7 minutes of the show were just this song playing while a police car cruised the mean streets of LA.

Robbery Homicide Division only lasted 10 episodes, probably because Tom Sizemore was starting that long slide down into drug addiction and arrests. It didn't help that 10 episodes wasn't enough time for a show like this to build an audience.

As for the music, here's the first line of the Wikipedia article about it: "Deltron 3030 is the 2000 debut album by hip hop supergroup Deltron 3030. It is a rap opera concept album set in a dystopian year 3030."  What's not to like about a description like that? After looking for this for many years in iTunes, the album finally showed up last year. I had only heard this track but I like the rest of it as well. If you're interested go read the whole Wiki article.

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