Wednesday, July 11, 2012

2012 Topps Base Cards - Final Look

I always like to go through the current Topps set and pick out my favorites for a blog post. Here is the 2012 edition.

2012 Topps #15 Melky Cabrera
Melky apparently saves a home run. What a play! Let's look at that again.

2012 Topps Opening Day #49 Melky Cabrera
 I love it when I find Photoshop twins like this. I did not see too many of these this year.

2012 Topps #117 Carlos Ruiz
 Carlos is having such a great year and has been rewarded with an All-Star berth.

2012 Topps #57 Yuniesky Betancourt
Nice action shot. You don't often see a shot of an infielder throwing with the ball in mid-air.

2012 Topps #62 Ben Revere
Flying player shots are always a favorite.

2012 Topps #118 Miguel Olivo
 Two catchers track this pop up. Hank Conger hit it and Miguel Olivo wants to catch it.

2012 Topps #300 Josh Hamilton
Hamilton's having some kind of season with 25 home runs and 73 rbis. He also set a record in All-Star voting with over 11 million votes.

2012 Topps #368 Carl Crawford
 Your classic collision at the plate shot.

2012 Topps #371 Jim Thome
Good luck in Baltimore, Jim!

2012 Topps #376 Carlos Quentin
The classic bat across the shoulders shot.

2012 Topps #407 Torri Hunter
Here's a couple of happy fellows. And Hank Conger in the background again.

2012 Topps #494 Darwin Barney
Maybe the best flying baseball player card ever.

2012 Topps #585 Jimmy Paredes
I think this is the only bubble-gum bubble blowing card I have this year.


Superduperman99 said...

The Darwin Barney card looks unrealistic.

Erin said...

Flying guys. Levitating guys. That is what I collect. Though I am a fan of that Darwin Barney card, I am more a fan of Jonny Gomes 2008 UD. As for levitation, I lean towards Dee Gordon's 2011 Topps card.

capewood said...

Hi Erin. You probably mean Gordon's Topps Update from 2011. Yes, that is an awesome flying card. I posted that sometime last fall.

Chunter said...

I actually have the Marco Scutaro base and Op. Day twins from 2010, as well as his update card. That is pretty cool that you got both Melky's too!