Saturday, February 25, 2012

Random Cards From My Collection #13

Card #2007
2003 Fleer Double Header Double Keg Griffey/Barry Larkin
This was a weird set. The top of the card folded up to reveal Barry Larkin.

Card #26894
1989 Upper Deck #139 Tony Fernandez
Young collectors today, I think, can't imagine how revolutionary this set was in 1989.

Card #28328
2001 Upper Deck #369 Lance Berkman
This card features the basic design for every year of Upper Deck for the next decade.

Card #4886
2005 Fleer Authentix Hot Ticket Die Cuts #7 Mike Piazza
Before they went under, Fleer had so many different releases in the 2000s with so many different inserts it was hard to keep up with them.

Card #21295
1995 Ultra #210 Heathcliff Slocumb
One of the hallmarks of early Ultra was multiple photos on the back. This was an interesting variation on the theme.

Card #23538
1996 Topps #268 Brian L. Hunter
Topps had some interesting card back designs in the 1990s.

Card #5777
2000 Fleer Focus Future Vision #3 Ruben Mateo
 Another crazy Fleer insert set.

Card #15193
2010 Topps #239 Juan Uribe
How many baseball cards do you have with this Yahoo! ad on it?

Card #29608
1998 Ultra #407 Bobby Estalella
According to Wikipedia, Estalella holds the distinction of having hit the most career home runs in MLB history by a player who also had fewer than 200 career hits. That would be 48 home runs in 195 career hits.

Card #17967
2010 Bowman #175 Tim Lincecum
2010 was a big year for Lincecum. He was an All-Star, he won 2 games in the World Series, leading the Giants to the championship and he won the 2010 NL Babe Ruth Award.

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Hackenbush said...

Card 4886 is a slice of hot Piazza.