Thursday, February 16, 2012

Random Cards From My Collection #11

Card #4055
1995 Donruss Press Proof #99 Chad Curtis
1995 Donruss was a nice set. Full bleed printing with good photography. I liked the little photo insert on the front. Press Proofs was a parallel set of limited production. 2,000 were printed of each card but they were not numbered.

Card #14437
2002 Topps Traded Gold #166 Carlos Cabrera
A guy for the Phorgotten Phillie Phile, Cabrera was drafted by the Phillies in 1999 and spent 3 years in the Phillies minor leagues before disappearing. The gold cards were only numbered to 2002 in those days.

Card #2334
2002 Bowman Chrome Red #18 J. T. Snow
In 2002, the red Bowman cards were for veterans and the blue cards were for rookies and prospects. This is before they split the rookies to blue and the prospects to green cards. I've learned a lot about scanning cards since I did this one or scanners have gotten better. Snow is a Player I Collect.

Card #25153
2010 Topps USA Baseball #49 Alex Bregman
I'm not sure how I feel about these cards featuring high school players. This kid is only 17 and has apparently not been drafted.

Card #23408
1995 Donruss #184 Brian L. Hunter
Another 1995 Donruss, but from the regular release. Brian Hunter is one of those players who pose a challenge to computerized databases of baseball cards. His career overlapped with Brian R. Hunter. The challenge was keeping their cards separate since their middle initials were not usually included on their cards. In 2001, both Brian Hunters played for the Phillies at the same time.

Card #19582
2010 Topps #440 Willie Harris
Harris was a 24th round draft pick in 1999 but has managed to have an 11 year career.

Card #13159
2009 Topps #462 James Loney
I have generally liked the last few years of Topps designs but I sure wish they'd get over putting the player's name in silver foil with a black background.

Card #27788
2011 Topps #362 Doug Fister
See how much easier it is to read the player's name on this card?

Card #9538
1986 Topps #466 Tom Foley
The random number generator is throwing up a lot of Topps base cards today. This is old school. No problems with silver foil or being able to read the player's name.

Card #5658
2002 Topps Traded #238 Taggert Bozied
Remember him? Another guy from the 2002 Topps Traded set who didn't make it into the majors. In another life, where I have unlimited time to do what I please, it might be interesting to what the percentage of rookie and prospect cards which feature players who made it big.

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