Monday, February 13, 2012

Random Cards From My Collection #10

Card #9183
1992 Stadium Club #290 John Kruk
The first two years of Stadium Club, 1991 and 1992, are among my favorite sets ever. Here John Kruk daintily runs the bases. I like how the fielder in the background is running the other way, indicating John hit a gapper.

Card #6180
2004 MLB Showdown Pennant Run #107 Tom Glavine
From one of my favorite sets to one of my least favorite. MLB Showdown was one of many attempts to make a baseball card based game (think Topps Attack). This set was particularly infuriating to me as a collector since Since there were three variations on this set: MLB Showdown, MLB Showdown Pennant Run and MLB Showdown Trading Deadline. They are impossible to tell apart.

Card #30845
1997 Upper Deck #125 Wade Boggs
I always like this year of Upper Deck. The wood grained foil at the bottom is attractive and the gold foil shields, like this one for the 1996 All-Star game were distinctive. Or maybe I just like the shields because the All-Star game was in Philadelphia, my home town.

Card #27025
1991 Score 100 Rising Stars #19 Willie Blair
Score 100 Rising Stars was a stand-alone 100-card set available as a complete set. I don't remember ever seeing them for sale back in 1991 but I've gotten a few in repacks. The design is very much like the 1991 Score base set.

Card #28432
2011 Topps #511 Philadelphia Phillies
J-Roll gets mobbed.

Card #949
1996 Ultra #257 Mickey Morandini
Another Phillies card comes up at random. What can I say but that I own a lot of Phillies cards. The card exhibits a poor use of foil on the front. Even in person, the player's name is hard to read on the card.

Card #13592
1988 Score #575 Nolan Ryan
When I started collecting in 1985 I was kind of a Topps snob (don't ask me why, I don't know). I'm pretty sure I didn't buy any packs of this inaugural issue of Score. To this day I don't really care for it. The choice of border colors may be way. In 2009 I bought a large box of assorted sports cards and other sports memorabilia at our church bazaar. As punishment for my sins I found a unopened box of 1988 Score. And that's how I acquired this card.

Card #23390
1995 Upper Deck #26 Doug Drabek
1995 was my first summer in Houston and the year I started collecting Astros cards as well as Phillies cards. Drabek was a player I'd already been collecting. This is another Upper Deck set that I like.

Card #15945
1992 Ultra #34 Craig Grebeck
For it's second year of Ultra, Fleer introduced a glossy finish and gold foil. Another one of my favorite sets,

Card # 26644
1980 Topps #306 Denny Walling
The only thing I really remember about the 1980 Astros team (besides the uniforms) is that the Phillies beat them to advance to the World Series.

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Jeremy Bastow said...

Wow, I suddenly remembered the good old days when my friends and I used to have those little baseball card collections back in grade school. Mine were mostly of the players from the New York Yankees. I wonder if what they are doing now includes Wade Boggs.