Friday, August 26, 2011

2011 Upper Deck Goodwin Champions

I bought two blasters of this product back in the first week in July. I had really liked the 2009 version of this set, in fact it was maybe my second favorite set of the year. I was happy enough to get this card of a guy they claimed was Mike Schmidt. But over all I was pretty disappointed.Of the 96 cards in the two boxes there were only 5 baseball players, including this one featuring Carlton Fisk dressed as a lumberjack.
There were no relics or autos, and except for the obligatory mini-card in each pack, precious few inserts. So I put the cards aside and worked on other cards I had acquired. Lots of cards had rolled in from the 2011 Summer Clearance Trade which kept me pretty busy. I'm pretty much caught up which means I have to decide what to do with these Goodwin Champions cards.

Now that I've started to catalog them and scan them, I find that I actually like the cards. It's not a set of baseball cards with a few random other sports and historical figures like Allen & Ginter. It's an entire set of random sports and historical figures. How can I not like this card?
Here are some Houston connections to keep me happy.

An outlaw!
A hockey player smiling so hard he looks like he's going to bust a gut.
Abraham Lincoln! Maybe he can get together with Fisk and split some rails.
An Indian!
And a horse, who also appears to be smiling.
I've got more cards to scan and plan to keep them all. I like the design, maybe even more than the 2009 set. I'm not completely happy. Like I said, no relics or autos and few inserts. At $0.42/per card, they should include some hits in the boxes. There were also a lot of duplicate cards as well. The two boxes had 82 base cards. I got 26 duplicates. That's more than 30%. There are 220 base cards so I think chance alone should have resulted in less duplicates.

A couple of weeks ago I posted some 2011 Topps Wikipedia cards. Next week I'll have a collection of 2011 Upper Deck Wikipedia cards, the Goodwin edition.


the sewingmachineguy said...

I seem to have pulled a bunch of doubles too. I have 3 Mark Spitz's, and I have not bought that much of the stuff. Maybe we can do a prisoner exchange?

Reivax said...

That picture can't be Schmidt... He looks like a first season of Saturday Night Live cast member or something...