Friday, July 1, 2011

Movie of the Week - Green Lantern

If you read my reviews regularly (and you should) you know that we are a sucker for the summer blockbuster superhero movies, so we went to see Green Lantern even though the reviews weren't that great.Well, first off, it was fun, which really, what more can you ask for from this sort of movie? You're in the wrong room of the multiplex if you are looking for introspection, character development, suspense. or just about any quality which makes for a classic movie.

I used to read Green Lantern comic books in the 1960s. I remember liking the series but couldn't remember much about him. He has one of the more complicated superhero back stories (try to follow this on Wikipedia, it you can). The movie tries to explain some of it (like the Green Lantern Corps) in voice-overs but it doesn't really make too much sense.

Ryan Reynolds plays Hal Jordan, the hot-shot test pilot. He is chosen by the ring when it's previous user dies after his spaceship crashes on earth. The purple-skinned alien gets about 2 minutes to explain the ring to Jordan before he dies. Jordan, who is a fearless test pilot (some might say irresponsible, or even crazy) doesn't think he has what it takes (whatever that is) to be a Green Lantern. His beautiful (of course) girlfriend explains it to him in about 2 sentences, he gets it, and flies off to fight the bad guy (some sort of giant, octopus made out of smoke). The details don't matter too much.

The choice of Ryan Reynolds for Hal Jordan is a mystery to me. I mostly know him from lighthearted chick flicks like Definitely, Maybe and The Proposal. Sort of like casting Michael Keaton as Batman.

Go ahead and take the kids. They'll love it. There isn't any sex and no gore. The scary parts are more comical than really scary.

One thing to look for. Green Lantern's costume is pretty much painted on which made me wonder what happened to certain parts of his anatomy, especially when he gives the beautiful girl friend a big kiss before he goes "looking for trouble".

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