Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Donruss 1987 - accidently completed set

In 1987 I was pretty much only buying Topps cards. I finally completed the 1987 Topps set 2 years ago with the help (trades and gifts) from my fellow bloggers. I just realized that I have another completed set from that year, Donruss. Since I bought very few, if any packs of 1987 Donruss, I managed to complete this set, quite accidentally by acquiring cards in repacks.

I'm pretty sure that 1987 Donruss is one of the uglier sets from the 1980s. Even so, I've got them all. Here are is a sampling of some of the cards from the set that I happened to have scanned.

In the 1980s, Donruss, being legally forbidden to put gum in their card packs, put in puzzle pieces. I've got the entire puzzle as well.

Up until about 1993, the Diamond Kings were a part of the regular set.

There were some good rookies that year. This Maddux card used to be the second most valuable card in the set. The three top cards were Bonds, Maddux and McGwire. I suspect that Maddux, the only one of the three to remain scandal free, is now #1.

Speaking of McGwire. What a fresh-faced looking guy.

Molitor hit .353 in 1987.

This is also Will Clark's rookie card, but without the Rated Rookie logo. His popularity in the hobby declined many years ago.

But this guy has, and will remain ever popular.

Same for this guy. It was Mike's last best year in baseball. He hit 35 home runs, drove in 113 and had a .293 batting average. It was also his last All-Star appearance.

Was Pete Rose the last player/manager in baseball?

Phormer Phillie Bob Walk was 8-2 in 1987.

Carlton "you talkin' to me?" Fisk.

Still not a regular starter for the Phillies.

This was the number one card in the set. Beckett listed it a $12.00 last year. You can currently get this card, slabbed GMA rated 10, for $6. Better hurry, the auction ends in 5 minutes.

Tom Seaver ended his career with the Red Sox.

Charlie was in his 17th year and had 7 more to go!

Another rookie card not worth much.

One of the six teams Steve "I can still pitch" Carlton played for between 1986 and 1988.


Anonymous said...

1987 Donruss...ugly? Are you looney??? This is one of my favorite sets from the 1980s, and I love how many of the photos are portraits rather than action.

Plus, I *love* the Diamond Kings.

I've got that Maddux rookie signed, but it's not in very good condition. As great as the set is, the black borders drive me crazy.

capewood said...

In baseball card collecting I've found that one collector's ugly is another collector's lovely. For example I really like 1987 Topps while I know many do not.

But even with 1987 Donruss, I like the DKs.