Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Best Repack Box Ever - Part 2

Here are some more cards from the Best Repack Ever Fairfield box that will be available in this summer's Clearance Trade.

1994 #37 Upper Deck All-Time Heroes 125th Anniversary Frank Crosetti
This was an insert (one per pack) in 1994 Upper Deck All-Time Heroes. I have 45 of the base cards and a handful of this insert. I'm not sure where I got them, probably in repacks. You may recognize the design. It was one of the designs used in 2008 Upper Deck Timeline.

1996 Emotion XL #180 Eric Young
This is a fancy card. The border is actually a frame applied on the surface of the card. The lower right corner, on the frame, has a large silver foil shield. Eric is exhibiting the unusual emotion of "tracking".

2001 UD Reserve # 132 Michael Barrett
Curiously, both Topps and Upper Deck had a set in 2001 called "Reserve".

1995 Flair #79 Mike Blowers
Fleer's "super-premium" set. Flair debuted in 1994 and was clearly meant as a response to Topps Finest. This set features gold foil on the front and back of the card.

1995 Pinnacle #218 Ricky Bones
You don't often see a pitcher getting involved in collisions at home plate. Lots of gold foil on this card. I'll wager that 1995 Pinnacle had more gold foil on the front than any other regular issue card (except for, perhaps, 1996 Pinnacle).

1994 Pinnacle Museum Collection #487 Matt Walbeck
This was a parallel (inserted 1 in 4 packs) to 1994 Pinnacle. It features heavy foil printing. I rather like these.

1992 Pinnacle #261 Gino Minutelli
Compare this first year of Pinnacle to the later years above. I'm showing this card to make a point about rookie cards. Some time in the early 1990s the preoccupation with rookie cards really took off. All the manufacturers wanted to include the next Ken Griffey Jr. in their sets as a rookie. Rookie cards of the best players were worth more. This lead to including players like Minutelli as "Prospects" Gino was a free agent signing with the Reds in 1985. He finally got called up in 1991. I won't take anything away from anybody who can actually make it to the majors, but nobody should have though that Minutelli was a "prospect" in 1992.

1997 Leaf #111 Bernie Williams
A little chin music for Bernie.

2006 Upper Deck National Baseball Card Day #10 Paul Konerko
What ever happened to National Baseball Card Day?

1991 Bowman #12 Steve Karsay
Looks like it was amateur photographer day at the ball park.

1980 Topps #301 Mike Edwards
I'd like to have this set since it's the year that the Phillies won their first World Series. I have all the Phillies cards from the set but not many more. There were 15 1980 Topps cards in the box. all of them in excellent condition. There were 2 of these Mike Edwards cards. Although I haven't seen many of these, I'm thinking that this is one of the uglier cards in the set.

1992 Leaf Black Gold #408 Craig Lefferts
An early example of a parallel card insert. They were inserted 1 per pack. I have a number of these and don't need anymore (unless they are Phillies).

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Greg Holstege said...

Gotta say that the Museum Collection from the 1994 Pinnacle was one of my favorite inserts...was able to pull some nice stars when they came out....Ripken, Jeter among others...