Monday, April 4, 2011

2011 Topps Heritage

I probably bought way too much 2011 Topps Heritage. After 2 blaster boxes, a hobby box and a 3-pack blister package, I've got a little more than half the set and a lot of dups. The dups will be up for grabs in my 2nd Annual Summer Clearance Trade (Probably in June sometime).

Since this set is from the classic 1962 Topps set, it features a lot of classic baseball card poses. I've arranged all the cards I have into groups according to pose or type of card. These colleges were made using Google's Picassa. Click on any of the images to see a larger version.

First we have the classic batting stance pose. There were a smaller number of cards featuring posed swings.
Then you have your classic pitcher poses, except none of them feature a posed delivery.
I love team photo cards. I haven't figured out why the White Sox card has a red background. The Leaders cards are color coded by league but apparently not the team cards.
The World Series cards seem to only feature Giants. I know they won, but weren't there two teams playing?
I like the Sporting News All-Star cards. These seem to be color coded by league as well, at least the only AL player name is on a red background vs blue for the NL players. The Brian McCann cards is the only card in the set that I have which features a player in a batting helmet.
The In Action cards are nice as well.
Floating Heads!
There are a bunch of cards I lumped into Miscellaneous Poses. These mostly consist of guys just standing around. Most of the manager cards feature this pose. We have a couple of kneeling on one knee and two catchers in equipment.
The Dynamic Duo (my phrase) cards. I wonder why they put the name plate running up the side of one card.
There were a lot of cards featuring bats on shoulders, so I split them depending on which shoulder the bat was. This pose can easily turn into the batting stance pose. I mainly differentiated them depending on if the bat was resting on the shoulder.

The Babe Ruth Specials are nice. I pulled most of them.
The most popular pose is the head and shoulders shot. There are so many of these I had to split them up somehow. The cards are split by division and arranged within division by 2010 finishing position in the division. I pulled roughly the same number of cards in each division except for the AL West. There are about twice as many cards featuring men with hats as men without.


night owl said...

Now that's categorizing!

Heritage does have Rangers World Series cards. I've pulled a couple.

John Bateman said...

A new way of looking at cards.