Thursday, March 17, 2011

Random Phillies cards of the Week

1970 Topps #56 Joe Lis/Scott ReidJoe Lis was signed by the Phillies in 1964 as a free agent and finally made it to the bigs in 1970. He was a power hitter in the minors hitting 114 home runs in his last 4 minor league seasons but never was able to translate that into a full time job in the majors. He played for the Phillies until 1972 and other teams until 1977, ending up in Japan for a year in 1978. Reid was the Phillies #2 draft pick in 1967 but only played 38 games for the Phillies in 1969 and 1970 before washing out.

1983 Donruss #63 Garry MadduxIn 1983, The Secretary of Defense was in the 9th year of his 12-year career with the Phillies. He'd won a Gold Glove in each of his previous years with the Phillies. He had 98 career assists as a center fielder, 9th best in baseball history.

1996 Bowman #346 Matt BeechMatt Beech was the Phillies 7th round draft pick in 1994. He played for the Phillies from 1996-1998, compiling an 8-22 record. Although is major league career was short, he continued to play in the minors until 2007.

2010 Topps National Chicle #304 Ryan HowardIn 2010, Howard hit for a .276 average, belted 31 home runs and had 108 rbis. Sounds like a pretty good year but it would be considered an off-year for him. Howard is on track to be, I think, the first $100,000,000 man in Phillies history. I'm sure he'll be the first $200,000,000 man in Phillies history. His contract projects out to $203,255,000 through 2017.

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