Saturday, March 19, 2011

2011 Topps

Let's take a look at 2011 Topps. I bought 2 blasters and a couple of rack packs. I'm pretty happy with the design this year. I think I like it better than last year's design. A little less clutter. I like the baseball/logo in the bottom right. I'd have liked it better without the outer circle around it.

Here are some of my favorite cards. I'll post some of the insert cards later.

2011 Topps #260 Freddy SanchezYa gotta like a guy with so much dirt on his uni that he practically fades into the background.

2011 Topps #206 Chase Headley I got 3-4 cards featuring slides and all were head first slides. This is a good angle.

2011 Topps #38 Ryan Dempster A good shot with both the pitcher and batter in the frame.

2011 Topps #139 Eric Young Jr. I always like these kind of action shots, especially when they featuring flying players.

2011 Topps #179 Armando Galarraga Some kind of bold fashion statement.

2011 Topps #62 Jonathan PapelbonWhat a leg kick!

2011 Topps #105 Jonathan LucroyI guess it can be lonely in the dugout when you're a rookie.

2011 Topps #301 Mike NapoliLooks like he got all of it.

2011 Topps #210 Brian WilsonI'm sorry, but I hated this guy in last year's NLCS.

2011 Topps #308 Ian DesmondI really like action shots when I get a bonus Phillie. Looks like Carlos Ruiz.

2011 Topps #27 Ben ZobristThere are a few good outfield plays featured this year. Look at the concentration.

2011 Topps #45 Hunter PenceYou don't often see a guy running out of his shoes.

2011 Topps Throwbacks #252 Michael SaundersI love this shot. Flying outfielder, great catch, giant logo background.

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