Thursday, March 31, 2011

1962 Topps

This year's Topps Heritage set is based on the Topps 1962 set. I sure wish I owned more of those. I was 10 years old in the summer of '62 but I wasn't collecting baseball cards then. My allowance mainly went to comic books.

Topps #17 Johnny CallisonJohnny Callison was my favorite Phillie back then. I acquired this card for $1.00 back in 1994. The 2011 Topps Heritage card #17 is former Phillie outfielder Jayson Werth, in his new Nationals uniform.

Topps #46 Jack BaldschunI don't remember this guy at all, nor do I know when I got this card. The #46 Topps Heritage card is current Phillie pitcher Cole Hamels.

Topps #104 Ted SavageAnother guy I don't remember. I wonder if the photographer told him to look 'savage' for the shot. I paid $1.00 for this in January 2009 at a card show in Houston. #104 2011 Topps Heritage is rookie Phillie outfielder Domonic Brown.

Topps #111 Dallas GreenDallas Green spent most of his 8-year career with the Phillies in the '60s. He will come back to the Phillies as the manager of the 1980 World Series winning team. The 2011 Topps Heritage #111 is Phillies pitcher Brad Lidge.

Topps #146 Don DemeterI acquired this card for $4.99 at a card shop in the Philadelphia area in August 2009. We were on vacation in Philly then and my wife agreed to drive around the area looking for card shops. The 2011 Topps Heritage #146 is Phillies infielder Placido Polanco.


Dan said...

I did not know that the numbers of the players matched up between '62 Topps and 2011 Heritage. Thanks for the inspiration. Do you mind if I do side-by-side posts of them??

capewood said...

Dan, sure go ahead. I'd like a link back to my post if you would. It looks like the 2010 Topps Heritage did the same thing with the 1961 Topps set. Maybe they always did this.