Friday, December 17, 2010

Stop Motion Play at Second

Here is an interesting series of cards from 2004.

Three cards from three different manufacturers featuring slightly different shots of the same play. We start with Fleer Ultra. Placido Polanco has just avoided a take out slide by Moises Alou of the Cubs and gotten the throw off to first. Jimmy Rollins is coming into the scene.

on the second card, an MBL Showdown game card, Rollins is a little further along, and we can still clearly see Alou.

On the third card, Donruss Team Heroes, Rollins is exiting the scene to the right. Alou has slid a little further along so we can't really tell it's him, but it's clearly a Cub.

Based on the angle, these photos look to have been taken by the same photographer, either with a digital camera, or more likely in 2004, an autowinder. Cool.

I've seen cards from different manufacturers featuring the same play but from different photographers. See this post. I'm pretty sure I've never seen this.


Wrigley Wax said...

So here is the game situation:
July 24, 2003
Bottom of the first, Alou walks, then Eric Karros hits into a double play, Rollins to Palanco to Thome

capewood said...

Thanks. I thought there was enough information there to figure out what the game was. You forgot to mention that the Phillies won 14-6.

Anonymous said...

is it definately the same game as two show wall in the background one has dugout

deal said...

I love these and have thought that it would be great to see a series of 5 or 6 cards of the same play offered as a series on purpose. This would be so much cooler then a parallel set.

Wrigley Wax said...

"You forgot to mention that the Phillies won 14-6"

I guess that slipped my mind!