Tuesday, December 28, 2010

2010 Bowman Draft

I'm waiting for a box of this product to come in the mail but I saw some 12-card rack packs at Target and had to get me some. As is usual for this product, the design is the same as the regular Bowman release. There were a total of 47 cards. I think I was shorted one card in the pack which had the relic.

Bowman Draft Justin Turner #105

As usual, all of these cards are marked as Rookie Cards. Most of the players have only played some games at the major league level in 2010.

I got 15 of these.

Bowman Draft Prospects Greg Garcia #44

The Prospect insert set has players which were drafted in 2010 and have no major league service time.

Can't they find batting helmets to fit these young guys?

I got 11 of these. There were also 4 duplicate cards from this set. That's a pretty high ratio of dups. Some lucky people will get these in the 2011 Summer Card Clearance.

Bowman Draft Prospect Zach Green #99

These Team USA cards are a subset of the Prospect set. I guess these are mostly high school players. It's interesting that Topps did not include their birthday nor home towns.

Bowman Draft Prospects Gold Hayden Simpson #40

Parallel cards come in three flavors, Blue, Red and Gold. The Gold cards are thicker than the regular cards.

I got 3 of the Gold cards.

Bowman Draft Prospects Autographs Blue Ryan Mattheus

This was a surprise, an autograph card. The Blue variation is numbered to 199. This is #197.

Only 1 of these which is 1 more than I expected,

Bowman Draft USA Baseball Jerseys Timmy Lopes #11

Another surprise.

Bowman Chrome Draft Josh Thole #73

Each pack had 3 Chrome cards. This is the regular Chrome card.

I got 5 of these.

Bowman Chrome Draft Blue Refractors Daniel Hudson #50

The refractors come in 5 flavors, plain, Blue, Gold, Orange and Super. The only Refractor I got was this Blue one. It's hard to tell in the scan that it's a Refractor but you can see the Blue border.

Bowman Chrome Draft Prospects Josh Rutledge #9

I got 5 of these, including an Astro. No Phillies in any of the packs.

Bowman Chrome Prospects Blue Refractors Delino DeShields #83

Curiously, the only Refractor Prospect card I got was also Blue.

This is Delino DeShields son. He's apparently not a Junior. He's Delino D., while his dad is Delino L.

He is the youngest player I have a card of, born August 16, 1992.


Rod (Padrographs) said...

I bought a box, didn't get a single Padre of any sort, got a redemption card of a USA guy and an auto. I will send you the Phils and Stros for any Padres you get from your box

capewood said...

Hi Rod. Believe it or not, I didn't get a single Padre in the packs I bought but you have dibs on any Padres I get in my box.