Wednesday, November 24, 2010

2002 Baseball Cards Part 3

Part 3 of my series on 2002 baseball cards.

Topps Gallery200 cards. I bought the entire Phillies set on-line. There were 144 Mike Schmidt cards issued in 2002.

Topps Gold Label
200 cards. These are nice looking cards. I have exactly 3 off them and I have no idea where they came from.

Topps Heritage
440 cards. I didn't buy a lot of the early years of Topps Heritage. I wish I did. I have 6 cards from this set, 5 Astros and this card. This I got in a trade.

Topps Opening Day
165 cards. This is a parallel set to Topps with fewer cards and a slightly different color. Plus the big foil shield. The photos are the same as the regular set. This was the last year that Topps used the foil shield. I haven't liked Opening Day as much since then.

Topps Pristine
210 cards. Really, 8-card packs for $40? I about $12 for this, my only card from the set.

Topps Reserve
135 cards. Like, Fleer and Upper Deck, Topps had a lot of pointless sets. I bought 1 pack of this and got lucky that it had a Phillies card in it.

Topps Ten
200 cards. This is an interesting set. Each player featured is in the top ten for some stat. The list is on the back of the card.

Topps Total
990 cards. The first of 4 years for this set which attempted to include every player on every teams 40-man roster.

Topps Tribute
90 cards. Another high priced set (5-card packs for $50). I got this single card on eBay but I don't remember what I paid for it.

UD Authentics
200 cards. Each manufacturer had a set this year using past year's designs. Upper Deck reproduced it's 1989 set design.

UD Piece of History
90 cards. This is just an ugly card.

285 cards. I liked the first couple years of Ultra. After that, I bought very little of this product. I have the Phillies team set and a few other random cards.

Upper Deck
745 cards. Upper Deck's main set and pretty large this year. Not a bad looking set.

Upper Deck 40-Man
1,182 cards. Upper Deck had the same idea that Topps had with Topps Total. They gave up on the idea after only 2 years.

Upper Deck Ballpark Idols
200 cards. I never saw this set for sale anywhere. I got this card in a repack.

Upper Deck Diamond Collection
90 cards. Upper Deck had it's pointless sets as well.

Upper Deck Honor Roll
190 cards. Another pointless set.

Upper Deck MVP
301 cards. Probably the most schizophrenic set produced by Upper Deck. The design would change wildly from year to year.

Upper Deck Ovation
90 cards. An exercise in card embossing.

Upper Deck Prospect Premieres
72 cards. Similar to the Donruss Rookies set, this is a whole set of rookies which looks like the Star Rookies subset from Upper Deck.

Upper Deck Victory
660 cards. This set was around for awhile. Upper Deck's successor to Collector's Choice.

Upper Deck Vintage
300 cards. A blatant rip-off of Topps Heritage, even using an old Topps design.

Upper Deck World Series Heroes

90 cards of World Series heroes.

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