Monday, November 8, 2010

1997 SP Inside Info

I've been working on filling in the numerous holes in my 1990s Phillies collection. While looking for the 1997 SP Phillies team set I came across an auction for this card. Not even knowing what it was I bought it because the price was right.Lots of foil printing and a pretty attractive card. It's also pretty thick, about as thick as three normal cards.
And it's got a full foil printed photo on the back as well. But wait, there's more...
The card has an insert that pulls out revealing player information. Hence the name "Inside Info". I've got lots of cards and have seen a lot of gimmicks, but this is one I'd not seen before. As gimmicks go, it's pretty good although once you've got the card in a penny sleeve or an album page, the pull out is kind of worthless since you can't get at it.
And you'll be wanting to protect this card. Beckett lists this card with the dreaded "CONDITION SENSITIVE SET" warning. and you can see along the back edge where the pull out comes out is nicked up. It's pretty much like that all around the back of the card. On the front of the card, the foil sort of wraps around the edge giving it some protection. I can image that the pull out is susceptible to bending as it doesn't slide in very smoothly.

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