Monday, November 22, 2010

2002 Baseball Cards Part 2

Part 2 of my review of 2002 baseball cards.

Fleer Genuine
100 cards. The cards have refractive foil highlights. I bought a couple of packs of this at $5 a pop.

Hot Prospects
80 cards. Roger Clemens wasn't exactly a Hot Prospect in 2002, but neither are the players on the other 5 cards from the set that I have. This card is out of order alphabetically because Beckett originally listed it as Fleer Hot Prospect and that's how I still have it in my database.

Fleer Maximum
200 cards. This is actually a subset called Maximum Impact.

Fleer Platinum
250 Cards. For a few years Fleer produced this set which took it's designs from various 1980's vintage Fleer sets.

Fleer Premium
200 cards. Are you getting tired of Fleer yet?

Fleer Showcase
125 cards. The edges of the card were embossed to make them like a frame.

Fleer Tradition
500 cards. Even though Fleer published a Fleer set, they still published a Fleer Tradition set. These were thick cards on brown card stock. There was also an Update set with another 400 cards.

Fleer Triple Crown
270 cards. I have this Chipper card and 3 Astros.

Greats of the Game
100 cards. A pretty nice set featuring, you guessed it, the greats of the game.

A 150-card set produced by Donruss.

Leaf Certified
150 cards. Certified? By whom as what?

Leaf Rookies and Stars
400 cards. I have only this one card. Which I got from another blogger.

SP Authentic
90 cards. Finally some Upper Deck produced cards. There are plenty more.

SP Legendary Cuts
90 Cards. I think I got this in a repack.

90 cards. The draw of this set is the number of short printed cards and relics. I bought 2 packs, got nothing good.

Stadium Club
100 cards. I bought a whole box of this and am only missing 3 cards.

200 cards. A long produced Donruss set. Very patriotic this year.

Sweet Spot
90 cards. Relics and short prints in every box but boxes are expensive. I bought this a Jeff Bagwell on eBay.

Sweet Spot Classic
90 cards of classically great players. I bought one pack and got lucky.

718 cards. Known as the brown set. One of my favorite Topps sets. I bought a box of both series. There is also a chrome parallel set and an update set with another 275 cards.

Topps 206
260 cards. One of my favorite sets of the 2000s. I think this set started the whole early 1900's retro craze in baseball card design.

Topps American Pie
150 cards. This set is as American as apple pie.

Topps Archives
200 cards. This set featured reprints of many different years of Topps. There was also a refractive Topps Archives Reserve parallel set.

We're almost done with 2002 base cards. This has been so much fun I may also make a post of the 2002 relic cards I have.

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night owl said...

Lot of sets in there that I like (although Topps base is not one of them). Good year for cards.