Thursday, July 15, 2010

2010 Topps Allen & Ginter Part 3

Part 1 dealt with the base cards and Part 2 with the inserts and minis. This part deals with the hits. The box promises an N43 card with every box and any 3 of the following:

Autograph Cards
Relic Cards
Printing Plates
Rip Cards
Cut Signatures
So what did I get?
Last year's box got me the first N43 card I ever had and it was Ryan Howard. This year, I'll settle for A-Rod.
A game-used bat card of Aramis Ramirez. I went and bought the Shane Victorino card on eBay.
And look at this! a Rip Card. I'd never seen one of these. The back said that, if I should dare and rip the card I would get:

An exclusive mini parallel
- or -
An authentic 1887 Allen & Ginter Original
- or -
A one-of-one exclusive mini wood parallel
- or -
An Allen & Ginger Originals Sketch Card

Since Elijah Dukes means nothing to me, I ripped it. Here's what I got:
This is one of the mini cards nunbered above 350. As I mentioned in Part 2, I've never seen one of these. Chris Young appears on card #260, with a mini of the same number. This card is #382 and has a different image than the #260 card. I guess that makes it an "Exclusive mini parallel" card. It also has a different finish than the regular cards, being smoother and a bit glossy.

And finally, I got this. Gaze in wonder:
That's right, a Lords of Olympus Relic of Poseidon. The card is as thick as 4 regular relic cards. Inside the little window is a square of some hard material. A piece of Poseidon's trident (a game-used trident, perhaps)? A game-worn scale? Here's what it says on the back:
That gave me a pretty good laugh. There is one of these up on eBay with an opening bid of $999.99. I hope he gets that, I'll have this on eBay the next day. I had a bid on the Persephone relic card for much a much lower price but it sold for $187. Too rich for me. Her relic contains pomegranate seeds. If you don't know your mythology, your assignment is to look it up and report back in the comments.

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night owl said...

That poseidon relic is great!

The only thing better than saying, "this relic is not from anything at all" is if it was a clothing relic from Shelley Winters or Ernest Borgnine.