Monday, July 12, 2010

2010 Topps Allen & Ginter Part 1

My hobby box of 2010 Topps Allen & Ginter arrived the other day. I'm real happy with it. I'm planning three posts. This one will focus on the base cards. The next will focus on the minis and other inserts. The box Said there would be any three of the following: autograph cards, relic cards, pr1nting plates, rip cards and cut signatures. The third post will show what I got. The design changed again this year. They retained the borders but put a blue-greenish background in. They also did away with the box at the bottom of the card with the player name and card logo. The card logo is also slightly different. I think the cards look great. According to, the cards above 300 are short prints. This Drew card is #345. I can't see anyway to distinguish them from the regular cards.
In general, the cards feature posed pictures. Several of them could be action shots, like this Ichiro card.
This is the only 2010 Ken Griffey I've seen.
I only got two Astros cards in the box, this Oswalt and Pedro Feliz.
I did real well with Phillies, with 7 of them. The only important card I didn't get was Howard. All of the horizontal cards feature action shots like this one.
Andy looking very menacing.
Manny with the classic bat across the shoulders pose. There are several players using this pose in the set.
Another Phillie.
There is the usual collection of entertainers, athletes from other sports and historical figures. I chose this card because I have no idea who she is. As I was scanning this card, the Coldplay song "Sparks" was playing on iTunes. Really.
There are also the usual technology and natural objects.

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