Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Two Cliff Walk Newport RI Postcards

The other rectangular pieces of cardboard that I collect are postcards. I mainly limit myself to two subjects, Drexel University (my alma mater) and Cliff Walk, Newport RI (my namesake). I haven't bought any new cards for awhile (too preoccupied with baseball cards), but I just acquired these two and I have 4 more coming. I thought I'd show these two as they represent my least favorite type of card and my most favorite type of card. You can click on the images to get a better look.

This first one is my least favorite type. It features a glossy color photograph on the front and it is unused. I'm not showing the back because it's not interesting. The seller claims that this card is from 1953 but I have no way of verifying that so I'll just take his word for it. I paid $4.20 including postage which is close to the upper range of what I'll pay for a card. I have several cards depicting this same scene, from various years. It's in pretty good shape, just the lower right hand corner showing some wear. I suppose if somebody went into the postcard grading business, the cards would be graded along the same lines as baseball cards. This second card is more what I like. It has a linen finish and the colors are vibrant. It has some corner wear but not too bad. Also the postmark has bleed through which is a common problem with this sort of card when it has been used.
Here's the back. It was mailed on August 12, 1937. It is addressed to Hi Kids, and it's from Marion. The handwriting is hard to read but she seems to be writing about going to all the stores in the area. Also it was hot but is better today. Pretty typical stuff for a vacation postcard. I love how it is addressed to Main Street, Dexter Maine. No house address. Cliff Walk, at this time was a refuge for rich people from New York and Boston, so it's interesting that she is visiting here from Maine.

Many of these postcards have a publisher and a manufacturer on the back. Although the cards were published by different companies, they were manufactured by the same company, the Curt Tiech Co., out of Chicago.

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