Saturday, January 30, 2010

2010 Card Show Finds Part 2 Random Relics

More stuff from the Tristar card show. I picked up all these relics for $2.50 each. I think that's pretty good, as you'd pay at least $2.50 for postage if you bought them on eBay. According to Beckett they book from $5 to $15. I made out better last year when I picked up 19 relic cards for under $3.00 each.

2000 E-X Genuine Coverate #35 Mike MussinaA pretty early relic card. I'm not sure what year relic cards first appeared but I don't have any older than from 2000. These were inserted at a rate of 1:144 into packs of 2000 E-X. There are 10 cards in the set. How can this card be #35 you ask? The cards were numbered with the players jersey number. The statement on the back reads "Congratulations! You have just received a card that contains a piece of an authentic, game-worn jersey. This jersey was worn by Mike Mussina of the Baltimore Orioles". A pretty clear statement that the jersey was worn by Mussina during an Orioles game.

2002 Bowman Draft Picks Freshman Fiber #FF-DB Dewon Brazelton
In 2002, I guess people thought Brazelton was going to be a big star. I have three of his early cards as reference cards. He was 8-25 in his 5-year career. "Congratulations! You have just received an authentic game-worn jersey card of Dewon Brazelton from 2002 Bowman Draft Picks & Prospects Baseball". Did Brazelton wear it? Was it worn in an actual game? Who knows?

2002 Sweet Spot Swatches #S-SR Scott Rolen
I already had a card from this set but it wasn't a Phillie. And this one has a stripe as well! The Phillies traded Rolen to the Cardinals in July of 2002. "Congratulations! You have received a Scott Rolen Game-Used Jersey trading card from The Upper Deck Company, LLC. On the front of this card is an authentic piece of a jersey worn by Scott Rolen in an official Phillies Major League Baseball game". Clear and to the point.

2002 Upper Deck Diamond Collection Bat Around Quads #BA-VRBR
This is pretty nice. The card features Robin Ventura, Scott Rolen (as a Cardinal)Adrian Beltre and Edgardo Alfonso. "Congratulations! You have received a Game-Used Bat trading card from The Upper Deck Company, LLC. On the front of this card are authentic pieces of bats used by Robin Ventura, Scott Rolen, Adrian Beltre and Edgardo Alfonso in official Major League Baseball games". Although I think "authentic" should probably modify "bats" rather than "pieces" (well, sure they are pieces but these are authentic pieces), it's another clear statement.

2004 Topps Pristine Fantasy Favorites Relics # FF-RFJ Rafael Furcal
There were 11 cards in this set. Becket doesn't give the insertion odds. Topps Pristine used their Chrome technology to produce this high-end set. "Congratulations! You have just received an Authentic Fantasy Favorites Game-Worn Jersey Card of Rafael Furcal from 2004 Topps Pristine Baseball". So the card is not a counterfeit (it's Authentic) but where did the jersey piece come from?

2005 Donruss Timber and Threads Bat #17 Jay Gibbons
Before they lost their baseball license (and even after) Donruss produced a bewildering number of sets and inserts. This card was an insert to the 2005 Donruss base set. There were 38 cards in the set. "The enclosed piece of bat was cut from an Authentic Bat personally used by Jay Gibbons in an official Major League Baseball game. The Authentic Game-Used Bat was obtained and is guaranteed by Donruss Playoff L.P." The best statement on any of these cards although I'm guessing that a guarantee by Donruss Playoff L.P. is pretty worthless today.

2005 Origins Materials Jersey #PD-JD J. D. Drew
I have several inserts from this set but no base cards. Assuming this card is patterned after the base card, it looks like the design is based on the 1940 Play Ball set. At least the name banner with the baseball equipment around it looks just like the Play Ball set. "Congratulations! You have received a Game-Used Card from The Upper Deck Company. On the front of this card is an authentic piece of a jersey worn by J. D. Drew in an official Braves Major League Baseball game". Another authentic piece but a strong statement in extremely small type.

2009 Topps Career Best Relics #CBR-OD Octavio Dotel
This 62-card set was inserted randomly in 2009 Topps Series 2 packs. I wonder why the jersey piece is shaped like a "P"? "You have just received a game-worn jersey relic card of Octavio Dotel. The relic contained on this card is not from any specific game, event or season". It could be just about anything.


Mark's Ephemera said...

P for Pitcher?

capewood said...

Why didn't I think of that?

Mark's Ephemera said...

According to the 2009 Standard Catalog of Baseball Cards, the Furcal Relic card is valued at $4.

It says that there were just 25 production sets made. And refractor cards are 2 to 4 x value of base cards.

Interestingly enough, Furcal is the only player with two cards in that set.