Monday, December 14, 2009

Dan Uggla vs. PhotoShop

I just bought a mess of Topps 206. I like them pretty much, but I think I've had it with retro cards. Let's see something new. I plan to get a more comprehensive post together but as I was sorting, cataloging and scanning, I noticed this.

Here's Dan Uggla's Topps 206 Mini Piedmont card.And here's his 2009 Topps Allen & Ginter Mini
Sure looks like the same picture to me except for the choice of PhotoShop filter. They couldn't find another picture of Uggla anywhere?


Joe S. said...

Lame. As if the T206 set doesn't already reek of Allen & Ginter??

night owl said...

T206 is filled with recycled photos. It's a turn-off.

capewood said...

I've found at least one other recycled photo. I was really looking forward to this set and I'm sorry to say I kind of disappointed.