Thursday, December 17, 2009

Cole Hamels vs Photoshop

More Topps recycling of photoshoped images. Here's Cole Hamels on his 2009 Topps 206 Bronze card.Here he is on his 2007 Topps Turkey Red card.
Cropped differently, colored a bit differently and a different background for sure, but otherwise, I think they are the same image.

I was going to do a big post on the 206 set, but, you know, I'm really kind of disappointed. There's been talk of the back of card smudges on other blogs. Let me list what I like and don't like about Topps 206 and leave it be at that:

What I don't like:

1. Many of the cards look washed out. This set is supposed to be celebrating the 100th anniversary of the original T206 set. I own one of those original cards and even though its's 100 years old, it is not washed out.

2. The smudges. It was a good idea for Topps 2004 Cracker Jack but it's poorly done here since every smudge is the same. Were some people really fooled by this thinking they had smudged the cards. That's what I'm reading on other blogs.

3. The Bronze cards are just a total waste of space and cardboard.

4. The horizontal cards. These are not working for me, especially on the mini cards

5. Sticker autos. Really.

6. The short prints. At least they feature a different picture. I'm glad I'm not a set collector.

7. Six Mickey Mantle checklist cards but only two poses. What, they couldn't find any more photos of Mantle?

What do I like about the set:

1. The framed mini autos. On-card autos they are.

2. The framed mini relics.

3. All of the cards feature baseball players (at least all of the one's I have).

4. The mini cards. Except the horizontal ones.


night owl said...

"All of the cards featured baseball players"

Isn't that funny that you actually have to go out of your way to mention that as a positive?

Oh what hath A&G (or was it American Pie?) wrought?

deal said...

I agree the Hamels is a recycle. I haven't picked up any of these cards - but your review seems to agree with most folks out there.

I think we are all a little retroed out.

Although when you think about it this is the time of yr we used to get Bowman Heritage.

Just that T206 has been done b4.

jacobmrley said...

You perfectly expressed my feelings on the 206 set. Of course, it won't stop me from building it, but You nailed every shortcoming. Makes you wonder what they are thinking over there at Topps. Oh yeah, they don't have to think anymore, they got their monopoly back after 30 years...

Dinged Corners said...

Agree in particular about the bronze cards. What were they thinking? But we luvs the minis.