Monday, December 21, 2009

2009 Upper Deck Icons Legendary Icons Jerseys

I bought a blaster box of 2009 Upper Deck Icons way back in August and wasn't real impressed. I wrote about it here. I didn't expect I'd be getting anything else from this set. But a couple of weeks ago as I was idly looking for 2009 Mike Schmidt cards on eBay I found this:There was about 10 minutes left in the bidding and nobody had made a bid. And if that wasn't enough, the deal was a two-fer with this card as well:
Two Hall of Famers jersey cards. Ok, they're from a set I don't like much but I'll bite on a Mike Schmidt jersey card anytime I can get it for a reasonable price. And this looked pretty reasonable with an opening bid of $1.50 and shipping of $3.50. That's more than I usually like to pay for shipping but getting both of these cards for $5.00 would be a good deal. I placed my bid and won it with no other bidders.

There were several other jersey cards from this set on eBay as I was putting together this post. Most were going for a low price. I bought the Tony Gwynn and the Reggie Jackson cards for less than $10 total.


Ken said...

Ah, those are pretty nice looking jersey cards. Colorful.

Dinged Corners said...

The use of blue on the Schmidt card is pretty darned nice.