Thursday, May 15, 2008

Trade with Beginner's Wax

2008 Upper Deck Game Jersey - Andy Pettitte

I got this card in a trade with Grant at Beginner's Wax. Click here to see the cards I sent him. Grant is even newer to the baseball card blogosphere (BCB) than I am and just recently come to baseball card collecting. It was a good trade. He's just building up a collection of Troy Tulowitzki cards. I like Pettitte and didn't have any of this particular relic card.

I only just discovered the BCB back in February. There were a handful of blogs. Some have been around for awhile. I've found more since then, some pretty new like mine. Although I try to feature more than just baseball cards here, I feel like a full member of the BCB. I didn't really start collecting baseball cards until I was 33 years old (a good 23 years ago now). It's always been a solitary hobby for me. People listen politely when I talk about my latest find but they are not collectors and they really don't get it. In the BCB, I've found a bunch of like-minded people. They have different opinions and different collecting needs. But they get it. I'm happy to be here.

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