Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Nice Card File

1995 Donruss Bomb Squad

This is a 6-card insert set to 1995 Donruss. Each card featured two players who were the home run leaders in 1994. The cards are kind of militaristic, what with bombs, explosions, and the players names on dog tags. Note the National League or American League logos on the nose of the bomber in the background.

There is a little bomb for each home run the player hit in 1994. The bombs and the Donruss card logo are in silver foil. It's pretty unusual to see metallic foil on both sides of a card.

I acquired all 6 of these cards in a single pack of Donruss cards in 1995. In the mid-1990s, Donruss seeded what they called 'Hot Pack' into their boxes of packs. A Hot Pack would have all the cards from an insert set. I'd heard of them but hadn't actually seen one until I bought this pack. Even today I can still remember the thrill of opening this pack and the realization I'd gotten one of the fabled Hot Packs.

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