Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Nice Card File

2005 Flair

I'm attempting to post this from my crappy little work-provided IBM laptop while I'm travelling on business, instead of my magnificant 20" iMac back home. We'll see how this works.

Back in '05, bought a blaster box of 2005 Flair, probably at Target. There were 50 cards in the set and I got about 30 of them in the box, so a pretty good selection. Flair had two parallel sets. The base set was Row 0, cards numbered to 100 were Row 1, and 1/1 cards were Row 2. I pulled the Row 0 Clemens card and was pretty happy about it (2005, pre-steriods accusation Clemens).

Then I pulled the Row 2 card! A 1/1 card! I had never seen such a thing before. Serial numbered cards have lost some of their luster these days but even today a 1/1 card is a good pull. It looks pretty much like the Row 0 card except the background strip is kind of purple.

Now that I had Row 0 and Row 2, I had to have Row 1. I managed to buy one on eBay for abbout $5 (it books for $15). Even with Clemen's troubles I still like these cards.

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