Thursday, December 29, 2016

Players I collect - 2016 Completed

I started this awhile ago and this will be the final post as I present 2016 cards of the players I collect. We're going to finish out with two current players.

Mike Trout

Bowman #1

Panini Diamond Kings #91
Topps #1
Topps #26
Topps American League Standouts #1
This was from a blister-pack I found at Target

Topps Allen & Ginter #194
According to, there were 890 Mike Trout cards issued this year. I only got 7 of them.

Melvin Upton

Stadium Club #193
A good old-fashioned sunglasses card.

Topps Update #186
In my database he's still B. J.

And that's it!

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