Thursday, August 4, 2016

2016 Topps Allen & Ginter - Finally

So every blogger and her brother have already written about 2016 Topps Allen and Ginter. Well, here's my two cents.

First off, it took forever for the product to get here to my corner of SE Texas and all I finally found was one value pack. One. The pack advertised 14 cards but I only got 13, I guess because I got an auto card. That's right, I bought one lousy pack of Topps Allen and Ginter and got an auto. Go figure.

A and G doesn't change much from year, which is, I suppose part of it's charm. The three subtle changes this year were to 1) dial back the curlicues; 2) put fine lines in the background color sploch and 3) vary the color of the product name. All OK with me. I'm not going to bother to show the backs since these have not changed since 2006.

At first I though they were color matching to the team color but maybe not.

Well, maybe they are.

OK, they are not color matching. Why not?

If I'm going to pull only one Astro it might as well be Correa.

A rodeo cowboy. This guy once had his skull crushed by a horse. He spent three days in a coma but returned to competition after 8 months of rehab.

A couple of 5th round Yankees draft picks. Bird in 2011. Cotham in 2009.

This looks more like a Topps Gypsy Queen card.

There are 100 cards in this insert set so I suppose this is this year's card-in-every-pack set.

I'm going to skip the two mini cards. I'm seriously getting tired of mini cards. Here's the auto card.

Oh, yeah, Robert Raiola, the sports tax man. What? This guy is an accountant with a big accounting firm. According to his web page (no Wikipedia entry) "He provides business management services, tax planning and business consulting to high net worth individuals and their families in the sports and entertainment industries." The photo on the front comes right from his page. I imagine he's pulling down 7 figures easily.

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Mike Matson said...

They don't have A&G in my area. I would need to order it online lol