Wednesday, September 16, 2015

The Ice Man (aka Moose).

Mike Mussina, formerly with the Orioles and the Yankees, was nicknamed "Moose". In a sport not overly known for clever nicknames, this one is pretty lame. But somebody at Topps must have been thinking overtime while preparing for 1994 Stadium Club.

The Orioles had Cal "Iron Man" Ripken, so how about Mike "Ice Man" Mussina? That's how I imagine this card came about.

Mike Mussina posed with a pile of ice blocks complete with ice picks on the left and heavy gloves and ice tongs on the right. He actually seems to be sitting on ice, perhaps with an Orioles towel between him and a frozen butt.

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duaned99 said...

That's funny. I've had this card since '94 and never noticed the ice picks, gloves, and ice tongs. I guess I couldn't get past my confusion of why he was on ice in the first place:)