Monday, August 4, 2014

More repack goodness

In my last post I shared a 2008 Topps Gift Set card from a recent Fairfield repack cube. In and of itself it wasn't that interesting a card, just something I'd never seen before.  I've been through the entire "cube" (it's really a rectangular box) and pulled the three best cards in it. These cards aren't just the best cards in this box, they are good cards, in and of themselves.

The first is something else I've never seen, or heard of.

2006 Topps National Baseball Card Day Insert

I was not aware of "National Baseball Card Day" in 2006, but I have about half of the 12 cards from the set, which I've gathered from various repacks. The first 6 cards were produced by Topps and the other 6 by Upper Deck. What I didn't know is that there were 3 insert cards in the set. I don't know how they were distributed (one in every pack or rarer than that). This is the #2 insert. Unlike the regular cards, which feature the same design as the regular Topps set, this is an original design. It's also printed on foil board. The back looks like the regular 2006 Topps cards.

I have not been able to figure out what this card is.

 It's a reprint of May's 1952 Topps card all done up with chrome refractor goodness. The front looks like a Topps Heritage Chrome card. lists 293 Willie Mays cards in 2012, not one of them seems to be this card. Whatever it is, it's a great card.

2013 Topps Chasing History Relics Brian Wilson
You don't usually find a loose relic card in a repack box like this. After I found this I looked at the label on the box and saw that it said "Every other cube contains an autograph or relic card *on average". How 'bout that?


night owl said...

I believe that Willie Mays is from the 2013 Topps factory set issued by Walmart. It looks like this card:

The Junior Junkie said...

Solid repack.

capewood said...

Hey, Night Owl, good thought except that your Jackie Robinson card has a 2013 copyright date. My Mays card has a 2012 copyright date. But you may be in the right track. The Mays card could be from the 2012 Topps factory set.