Friday, November 29, 2013

2013 Mike Schmidt cards - Part 2

As promised, here are the other 10 Mike Schmidt cards I acquired this year. There are some more higher end cards included here.

Topps Archives #28
I pulled this from a blaster box at $0.36 per card.

Topps Archives Mini Tall Boys #MT-MS
I pulled one of these from the blaster I bought but had to go out on eBay for the Schmidt, $3.65.

Topps Allen and Ginter #143
I decided not to buy a hobby box of Allen and Ginter this year and therefore didn't get many Phillies cards from the set. I managed to find the entire 15-card Phillies sub-set on eBay at $0.75 each.

Topps Allen and Ginter Across The Years
This was included with the purchase above. I like this insert.

Topps Allen & Ginter Mini A and G Back
I had a post about this the other day. I'm showing it again for completeness sake.  In case you missed that post, this was $1.01 on eBay.

Topps Gypsy Queen Mini #7
I only bought a few blasters of this product. The hobby boxes featured short-print variations of some of the cards. This is one of the short-prints. Still, only $1.45 on eBay.

Topps Tribute Commemorative Cuts Relics Blue
This is a high-end product I don't bother with, except to acquire a few Phillies from it. There are a number of color variations of this card. This is numbered 2 of 50. Mike Schmidt is about the only player I'm willing to spend $13.99 for a card. A dual relic with stripes, pretty sweet.

Topps Triple Threads Amethyst #77
Another product I generally avoid. The seller called this purple but calls it Amethyst, my wife's birth stone. Numbered 299/650. $4.75 on eBay.

Upper Deck Goodwin Champions #142
Goodwin Champions is sort of a guilty pleasure for me and I usually buy a couple of blasters each year. I pulled this from one of the blasters. At $0.79/card, these are not cheap.

Upper Deck Goodwin Champions Mini Green #142
$2.10 on eBay.

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