Thursday, November 28, 2013

2013 Mike Schmidt Cards - Part 1

It's well known that Mike Schmidt is my favorite baseball player of all time. So it should be no surprise that I chase Mike Schmidt cards every year. According to, there were 266 Mike Schmidt cards (including parallels) issued this year. That's a bit down from the 284 issued in 2012. I only got 20 of them this year so I'm falling further and further behind every year.

Here's ten of them. I'll post the other ten later in the week.

Hometown Heroes #145
I only bought a few packs of this product. I wish I had bought more. I got the Schmidt on eBay for $2.98. I like Panini's approach here, to just Photoshop out the logos instead of trying to find weird poses.

Panini Golden Age #135
I bought a pack of this product at a card show and liked it enough that I bought a hobby box on eBay. In fact I liked it so much I went and bought a hobby box of the 2012 product as well. This came from the 2013 box at $0.39 each.

Panini USA Baseball Champions #34
My least favorite of the Panini product this year. I had bought 6 packs of this. This one I got on eBay for $2.99

Topps Chasing History Silver #40
I essentially got this card for free. An eBay seller threw it in with an auction I won from him. Good deal.

Topps Chasing History Gold Holographic Foil #40
There are 4 versions of these Chasing History cards. I pulled this one from a rack pack for $0.15 each. You know just by looking at it that this card is begging for a relic.

Topps Chasing History Relics
And here it is. $6.75 on eBay.

Topps Cut to the Chase #19
I pulled a couple of these from packs but had to go out on eBay for this at $3.98. Nice looking die-cut card.

Topps The Greats #4
Another insert to the Topps base set. Another $3.99 on eBay. I didn't pull any cards from this insert set.

Topps Manufactured Patch Card #17
I'm not a big fan of Topps Manufactured Patch cards but I'm always happy to get one featuring a Phillie. These are generally available one per blaster box. I kind of like this idea, a patch of an actual player card, in this case, Schmidt's 1974 Topps card. I paid $8.06 in eBay for this one.

Topps Update 1971 Mini #29
The regular Topps set featured minis based on their 1972 set. For the Update set, they chose to go with the 1971 set. Only $1.00 on eBay for this.

That's enough for today.

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