Sunday, March 17, 2013

Movie Review - Iron Sky

You may remember this clip from "The Daily Show".

It turns out that there was a whole movie made about moon Nazis, called "Iron Sky".

This was a German-Finnish-Australian collaboration released (although not in the US) in 2012. It is available today on Netflix.

In 1945, Nazis, somehow, escaped from earth and built a colony on the far side of the moon. The colony is accidentally discovered by two American astronauts in 2018. Why were astronauts on the moon in 2018 you ask? To bolster the reelection campaign of the US president. It was all a publicity stunt, sending a white and black (who is actually a male model chosen for his looks) to the moon (the slogan "Black to the Moon!").

With a theme like this, the movie could only be an arch comedy. It was pretty painful to watch although the special effects were surprisingly good for a movie that only cost about $10 million to make.  Also of interest, to me at least, was the attitude toward Americans.

The President of the US was unnamed but clearly based on Sarah Palin. And not meant to be flattering. When she learns that the Nazis are attacking she immediately sees the advantage it gives her in winning reelection as a "war-time president". Her campaign manager is a Michelle Bachmann look-alike, who before the invasion, adopts the Nazi message to the President's campaign. By the way, the Nazis attack in giant Zeppelins filled with flying saucer like fighter aircraft.

To fight off this menace, the US reveals that it has a nuclear armed space craft named the George W. Bush. Turns out all the other advanced nations also had secret space craft. The battle between the Earth forces and the moon Nazis ends with the Earth forces turning on each other and finally with missiles launched and nuclear explosions across the globe. Hugh laughs. Fortunately, the chief woman Nazi (in the poster above), who has learned that Nazis were actually bad guys, and the black astronaut (to her right) survive, with a handful of others in the bombed Nazi stronghold on the moon.

I'm not sure I'd recommend this but it had it's moments.

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