Monday, March 4, 2013

5th anniversary of the blog!

I missed the anniversary of the blog again, just like I did last year. I keep thinking that I started this some time in March when it was actually early February. The 5th anniversary of the start of the blog was February 3rd. This will be the 1,090th post.  I thought I'd be low-key this year since I missed the anniversary by a whole month and just rerun my original post.  Back then I stated the purpose of the bog and I think I've done pretty well keeping to that purpose (and I still don't collect safety pins).
February 8, 2008

For many years this was the Holy Grail of card collecting for me. I finally got a beat-up version on eBay. I paid $40.02 for the card on April 14, 2005. The most I have ever paid for a single card.

I thought this would be a good place to start.

Although there will be a lot of baseball cards featured, I'll be throwing up non-baseball stuff as well, from my music collection, my Cliff Walk postcard collection, baseball figures collection, my book collection, and my safety pin collection (no I don't really collect safety pins).

I hope you enjoy your visits and comments are always welcome.


The Diamond King said...

Since I doubt I've ever commented, here's one for you! Man, those guys look like kids on that card! Hard to believe they are all over 60 now. Hilton is the baby at 62...

night owl said...

Happy (late) anniversary!

Dhoff said...

Congrats on the anniversary.

Play at the Plate said...

5 years is forever in blogoyears. Congrats.

Greg Zakwin said...