Friday, January 11, 2013

Random Cards From My Collection #35

Another 10-card collection of randomness.

Card #32,008
1992 Pinnacle Rookies #15 Gary Scott
I paid about $4 for this 30-card set last February. It features a great set of players, except for this guy. I'm sure he's a great fellow, but his career consisted of 2 years, 175 at bats and a .160 average.

Card #9,260
1989 Bowman Reprint Inserts #1 Richie Ashburn
1989 Bowman was pretty forgettable except for their non-standard size. But this re-print insert (even though it has a sweepstake entry form on the back) were pretty nice. They came in a Tiffany version as well.

Card #2,169
 1998 Ultra Gold Medallion #485 Mike Piazza
Sorry, Mike, no first-ballot HOF berth for you.

Card #26,284
2007 Topps #63 Scott Proctor
These 2007 Topps cards feature my least favorite card element: silver foil on a black background. At least this one scanned well.

Card #23,284
1996 Select #165 Jimmy Haynes
I don't actually own this card anymore, I traded it to an Orioles collector a few years ago.

Card #20,710
1993 Pacific #239 Mickey Morandini
I think this is the first year that Pacific published Spanish language cards. Every year their cards got more and more elaborate until they went bankrupt around 2002.

Card #17,507
2002 Topps #339 Alex Rodriguez
Say what you want but I like 2002 Topps with their mud-colored borders!

Card #6, 524
1987 Topps #215 Mark Langston
This card has something modern cards don't have - a gum stain!

Card #14,220
2006 Fleer Tradition #51 Chris Carpenter
The first year of Upper Deck ownership of Fleer and the last year for Fleer Tradition. This is probably the only Fleer branded set by Upper Deck I actually like.

Card #2,501
2004 Topps Traded Future Phenoms Mark Malaska
I think that Mark is still waiting for his Future Phenomship to arrive. In 2 years (2003-2004), split between the Rays and the Red Sox, he had a 3-2 record.

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Anonymous said...

Just so you know that mike piazza card is an obscure card as he was with the Marlins for 1 week only and played in 5 games for them. It was such a short stint that many card companies did not produce a card for him.