Friday, May 11, 2012

My latest Fairfield repack

A Fairfield rack-pack gives you 100 baseball cards for 5 cents a card. The package says that a relic card is seeded 1 in 4 packs but I've never seen one. Regardless, I like to buy these on occasion (I probably buy 3-4 a year) and I'm rarely disappointed. There are a number of Players I Collect so I always find cards of these guys I didn't have. I even find some cards I didn't have to add to my reference card books. And there are usually a few cards from the '70s, which since I don't have many of these which aren't Phillies, are always welcome.  So what made me happy with this pack?

1997 Donruss #406 Juan Gonzalez
Here's a card of a Player I Collect that I didn't have. This was a subset card from 1997 Donruss.

1997 Fleer #514 David Justice
Another Player I Collect, and in a ski cap. Justice had a great year in 1997, hitting .329 with 33 home runs. 1997 Fleer was one of their more experimental years. The cards were printed on non-glossy card stock but featured gold foil lettering.

1992 Fleer ProCards #903 Tim Bogar
I have a number of Phillies minor league cards from the 1980s which were published by ProCards. I didn't know that Fleer had taken them over by 1992. This is a massive set with something like 3,500 cards. This goes into my reference card book.

1989 Donruss #219 Steve Rosenberg
These Fairfield repacks always have a good assortment of Donruss and Topps cards from the 1987-1989 era. I'm within about 100 cards of completing the 1989 Donruss set (660 cards), mainly through acquisitions in repacks. Here's Steve Rosenberg looking like he regretted whatever it was he had for lunch.

1991 Upper Deck #535 Glenn Davis
You can also be sure to get a few 1989-1992 Upper Deck cards. Someday I will complete these sets through repacks.

2001 Topps #540 Chad Curtis
You don't often see outfielders getting this much elevation.

1984 Topps #266 Steve Lubratich
Repacks can also be a good way to beef up your collection of obscure players. Lubratich appeared in 64 games for the Angels in 1981-82.

1976 Topps Traded #632T Rogelio Moret
In 1976, the Topps Traded cards had the same number as the player had in the regular issue set, but with a T appended to the number. This is only the second card of this 44-card set I've seen. What I find funny about this card is that Moret was traded to the Braves in December 1975, yet he appears in the 1976 traded set with an airbrushed hat. The other card I have is of Jim Kaat who was traded to the Phillies in December 1975 and also features an airbrushed hat.

1979 Topps #299 Steve Ontiveros
I remember Steve Ontiveros as a pitcher who played a couple of years with the Phillies. Who knew there was an earlier player named Steve Ontiveros?

1978 Topps #354 Cesar Geromino
My first Cesar Geromino card. He's hard to look up on because you have to spell his name César Gerónimo. 

1991 Stadium Club #232 Melido Perez

Here's another set I hope to complete someday through repacks.

1993 Fun Pack #133 Ben McDonald
I bought a few packs of this set, which was aimed mainly at kids, back in 1993. I'm fairly certain that this is first card from this set I've found in a repack.

1989 Fleer #635 Dwight Gooden
A Doc Gooden card I didn't have.

1995 Topps #592 Bo Jackson
Bo retired in 1994, so this is one of his last cards. I actually already had this card but I'm showing it because Bo was just in the news. He lead a 300-mile bike ride across Alabama to raise money for tornado relief.

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