Wednesday, May 30, 2012

2001 Topps Fusion Reprise

I actually posted about this set before, way back in January 2009. Since, according to Blogger that post only got one view, I thought I'd do a reprise. But with different cards from the set. Also, I just snagged a relic card from the set so I've something new to show.

For 2001, Topps had an interesting idea. They put out a set which combined their 'premium' card brands at the time, Stadium Club, Gold Label, Gallery, Finest, and Bowman's Best. It was a 250 card set featuring 50 players. There are 5 cards for each player, one for each brand. What is perhaps most interesting, is that the cards don't feature the actual designs used on the brands in 2001, or in fact, in any year. Instead, the designs are in the style of each brand. The fronts of the cards all feature the Topps Fusion logo at the bottom of the card. The backs of each brand are different, except for a block at the bottom with the Topps logo, copyright info, other logos and the card number. I liked these cards and bought a box in 2001 (at about $0.75/card).

First the new relics.

 They called the relic cards Topps Fusion Feature. I paid $7.25 (including S&H) for this Vidro bat card. And $8.00 for this Todd Helton jersey card.

Relic and auto cards are pretty common today but way back in 2001 they were still a novelty. I pulled two autos from the box. Jason Marquis, in the style of Bowman's Best

and Carlos Delgado, in the style of Topps Finest
And here's a sampling of the 4 card versions.

Topps Gallery

Topps Gold Label

Stadium Club
 and Bowman's Best


flywheels said...

I too was a fan of that set. Anything that gives me new Stadium Club cards is a winner in my book!

Hackenbush said...

Never heard of it but it's cool.