Saturday, January 28, 2012

Random Cards of the Week - January 28, 2012

Card # 24,974
1988 Topps #520 Dave Smith
There once was a guy named Andy who blogged every single 1988 Topps card. It seems to have been removed from cyberspace. Too bad.

Card #19,749
1987 Reading Phillies ProCards #799 Kevin Ward
I bought this entire 26-card Phillies set for $4.50 in 2006. The Phillies farm system was in pretty bad shape in 1987. The only player in this set to have any kind of career was Ricky Jordan.

Card #4,827
2005 Bowman #201 Scott Mathieson
Two Phillies in a row! The Phillies 17th round draft pick (509th overall) in 2005. In 3 years with the Phillies (2006, 2010-2011) he's 1-4.

Card # 22,975
1991 Score #239 Mark Knudson
Perhaps the last year of Score that I actually liked.

Card #16,474
2010 Topps National Chicle #52 Nick Swisher
This was a nice, apparently, one-off set from Topps. The fronts featured player paintings by a number of different artists. Each did a different design.

Card #31,496
1993 Fleer #236 George Brett
A pretty good looking card of one of my favorite players of all time. Brett retired in 1993 after 21 seasons.

Card #11,711
2008 Sweet Spot #87 Roy Oswalt
These were nice cards but, in my opinion, pretty pricey. I bought a tin of this product (not a box, but a tin) which had 27 cards in it for $30. The deal was you were guaranteed a hit per box. I got a relic card of Chen-Ming Wang. Wow!

Card #14,124
2009 Topps 206 #196 Jeremy Hermida
A card from this set seems to come up every week. We'll I've got 173 of them.

Card #30,895
1990 Donruss #126 Barry Bonds
Did anyone ever figure what drugs the Donruss designers were under the influence of in those days?

Card # 10,628
2008 Upper Deck X #46 Lance Berkman
It was a shame that Upper Deck stopped making baseball cards but they were really running on empty the last few years.


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The '88 Topps blog is still there...

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capewood said...

I went to that link but didn't take the next step, which was to click on the Older Posts link. It was a great blog.