Friday, September 30, 2011

2011 National League Division Championship

It's a Phillies fan's favorite time of the year. Here are the match-ups for the NLDS series against the Cardinals.

The Phillies have got their starting pitching just where they want it. Roy was 19-6 with a 2.35 ERA in 2011.
Both of these guys shine in the postseason. Yadier has a postseason BA of .315 in 32 games while Carlos is .280 in 41 games.
 Ryan has 7 home runs and 27 RBIs in postseason while Albert (does anyone call him Al) has 12 ans 36.
Chase has a lot of postseason experience and hit 5 home runs in the 2009 World Series. Skip has only 2 postseason games under his belt.
Jimmy only has a combined .226 BA in 41 postseason games, but has 15 RBIs. Ryan has much less postseason experience.
Placido has a combined .273 postseason average with 13 RBI. I'm guessing that the right handed David will get the start against Halladay. He has no post season experience at all. He finished the 2011 season with a .297 average however.
Raul had a down season, sometimes being super hot and sometimes being super cold. Matt hit .296 for the season with 22 home runs.
Shane has scored 23 runs in 41 postseason games. Jon has no postseason experience but batted .297 this season.

Hunter came to the Phillies from the woe-begone Astros in late July and had an immediate impact. He drove in the winning run in the Phillies franchise setting 102nd win. This will be his first postseason series. Berkman, another former Astro, may be the comeback player of the year. He hit .301 for the Cards with 31 home runs. He is also a .320 hitter in postseason play with 32 RBIs.


John Bateman said...

Rasmus was traded by the cards in August

capewood said...

John, thanks.

madding said...

It only took the Cardinals 4 months to figure out what the Cubs and Dodgers already knew: that Ryan Theriot is not a major league shortstop. He's now on the short side of a platoon with Skip Schumaker at 2B. Rafael Furcal, assuming health, will start at SS. If he can't go, it will be Nick Punto.

Freese is the full-time 3B and is a decent hitter, but he often is removed from games for defensive reasons. We could easily see Daniel Descalso get a start there, too, if matchups are favorable.

I think St. Louis will win in 4, mostly because I think their offense will hold its own against the Phillies trio of aces. If the Cards pitching falls apart, however, it could be a rough series.

capewood said...

I haven't been following the Cardinals at all this season. For one thing, I figured the Braves were going to be the wild card. For another the Astros were so bad who cared about the Central. I was at the Cardinals 13-6 win over the Astros on Tuesday night. Punto started at SS and was 4 for 5.