Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Some 1995 Phillies cards

I just finished scanning my 1995 Phillies cards. Here are some that caught my attention.

Lenny Dykstra Score #22Going nose to nose with Lenny Dykstra should result in multiple tobacco stains on your shirt.

Doug Jones Stadium Club #89
Hands down, the hairiest Phillie of 1994. He was a free agent in October 1994 and not resigned by the Phillies.

Ricky Jordan Collector's Choice #369
Nothing says dedication like going over the fence to catch a foul ball, just missing getting impaled on a giant camera lens.

Mike Lieberthal Stadium Club #203
I like the occasional card featuring a player signing autographs.

Kevin Stocker Stadium Club #346
I guess the Stadium Club editors did too.

Milt Thomson Pinnacle #83
Milt making a nice play on a wayward beach ball. Milt also didn't actually play for the Phillies in 1995, having been traded to the Astros in July of 1994. Milt was the Phillies hitting coach until he was fired this past summer.

Fernando Valanzuela Upper Deck #142
I'll bet you forgot that Fernando mania came to Philly for a brief period in 1994. He had 3 hits for the Phillies in 1994, including a double. It looks like he really got a hold of one here but I'm guessing it was a fly ball out.


night owl said...

Who says vertical stripes are slimming?

Hackenbush said...

Great group of cards! At first glance I thought the last card was John Kruk (not sure who that reflects worse on).