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Phillies Playoff Teams - Second Base

These posts are time consuming. Here's hoping that the Phillies make it to the World Series and it goes 7 games so I have time to finish this series. I own all these cards, except for the 1950 Bowman and the 1977 Topps.

1950 Bowman Mike Goliat #205Of all the whiz kids, Mike Goliat is the one I probably know the least about. In fact, I'd never heard of him. He is probably a candidate for my Phorgotten Phillie Phile. He was a free agent pick up in 1947. He got some playing time in 1948, and was the regular 2nd baseman in 1950. He hit .234 for the season and had 20 errors (which sounds like a lot). He had 3 hits in the World Series.

1976 Topps Dave Cash #295
Dave Cash played for the Phillies from 1974 to 1976. He was traded to the Phillies for Ken Brett by the Pirates after the 1973 season. He brought a lot of play-off experience with him, including the Pirates 1971 World Series win. He had a good run with the Phillies, hitting .296 with 43 steals. He was on the All-Star team all three years. He hit .308 in the NLCS.

1977 Topps Ted Sizemore #366
No 1977 Phillies cards for Ted. He was traded by the Dodgers in December 1976 to the Phillies for Johnny Oates. He was Rookie of the Year in 1969. He hit .281 for the 1977 Phillies with 47 rbis. He did not hit well in the NLCS in a losing cause against his former team.

1978 Topps Ted Sizemore #136
Ted did not have a good year in 1978, hitting just .219. He did hit well in the NLCS as the Phillies once again lost to his former team, the Dodgers. In February 1979, he was traded to the Cubs in a multi-player deal which, among others, brought Manny Trillo to the the Philles. Manny will be a key player for the 1980 World Series team.

1980 Topps Manny Trillo #90
As mentioned above, Manny came to the Phillies in 1979. In 1980 he hit .292 with a .987 fielding percentage, good enough for a Silver Slugger award. He hit .381 against the Astros in the NLCS, but only .217 in he World Series. In December 1982, Trillo was one of the five players (including Julio Franco) traded to the Indians for Von Hayes. We'll visit with Von when we get to center fielders.

1983 Topps Traded Joe Morgan #77
You know him and love him today as a baseball color man for ESPN but in 1983, Joe was in the 21st year of his 22 year career. Another part of the old Big Red Machine which helped make up the Wheeze Kids of 1983. At 39, Joe was a shadow of his former self he was popular with the team and the fans.

1993 Score Mickey Morandini #512
1992 was a dismal year for the Phillies but the year did boast an unassisted triple play by Mickey Morandini on September 20. Yes, that's a pre-steroid Barry Bonds making one of the outs. Mickey was a 5th round draft pick by the Phillies in 1988 and played for the team from 1990 through 1997. He wasn't a great hitter (he hit .247 in 1993) but a good fielder (.990 in 1993). He wasn't much of a hitting factor in either the NLCS (over the Braves) or the World Series (lost to the Blue Jays).

2007 Topps Allen and Ginter Chase Utley #80
Utley was the Phillies 1st round pick in 2000 and came up to the big club in 2003. He became the regular 2nd baseman in 2006. Unlike all the previous 2nd basemen in past postseasons, Utley can hit. He hit .332 with 22 home runs in 2007. He was also an All-Star in 2007. Unfortunately, Chase, like most of the Phillies did not hit in the 2007 NLDS and went down in 3 games to the Rockies.

2008 Topps Highlights Relics #HR-CU
2008 was the year the Phillies put it together. Utley's BA was down a bit (to .292) but he hit more home runs (33). He once again went to the All-Star game. He had a great NLCS against the Dodgers, hitting .353

2009 Upper Deck Icons Chase Utley #20
Another good year, another All-Star game and another World Series for Utley. He hit .429 against the Rockies in the NLDS and .286 in a losing cause against the Yankees in the World Series.

2010 Upper Deck Portraits Chase Utley #65
At this point there can be no doubt that Chase Utley is among the elite players in the National League. His playing time was limited by injury this year but he made the All-Star Game for the 5th straight year. Although the story of the 2010 NLDS is pitching, Chase did get a key home run in Game 3.

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