Monday, September 13, 2010

2010 Topps 206 Part 2

Last week I featured the regular Topps 206 cards. I said I'd feature the inserts and short prints in Part 2.

Just like last year, the set features Bronze cards printed in heavy board. There are 352 cards. None of the cards (as near as I can tell) are short prints. In the base set, the cards numbered over 300 are short prints. The Bronze cards come one per pack. I featured this card because it's the only card I have with Johnny Evers. Now all I need is Tinker and Chance.Topps didn't go overboard with non-baseball cards in the set. There is one non-baseball insert, called Historical Events. They are mini cards and there are 20 of them. I got a few in my 3 blasters so they seem easy to get. This one features the first sale of an airplane by the Wright Brothers to the army.
As I mentioned, the cards numbered over 300 are short prints which feature a different picture from the non-short print card. The cards are also un-numbered. There are two Pujols short prints so I don't know which one I got.
Here is the back which is different than the regular cards. One thing I forgot to mention in my other post is that none of the cards (regular or short print) have fake smudges on the back. Last year's set had facsimile smudges to make them look old. The problem was that every card had exactly the same smudges.
The mini cards follow the same predictable pattern of ancient tobacco brands. Except for the card number, the backs are the same for each mini card within each subset. As usual, Piedmont is the easiest to get. There is one mini card per pack.
Based on what I got, American Caramel is the second easiest to get. Notice that the player's team name is on the back.
And since it's a Phillie, Chase Utley, I'll show you the front.
I got two Polar Bears.
And one Old Mill.

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Carl Crawford Cards said...

The pic on the no# sps are so much better than the regular cards---bummer the whole set isn't like that!