Friday, July 4, 2008

Thursday Night at the Movies - Wall E

Happy 4th of July. Here in southeast Texas it is raining like mad at the moment. Not that we actually had any outdoor plans except that the lawn service was supposed to come. It's been 10 days since they last mowed and the grass is now about 8 inches tall. But that's now why you called.

Last night my wife and daughter and I went to see the new Disney-Pixar movie, WALL E. A WALL E is a little trash-compactor on wheels, left behind on Earth to clean up the trash while Earth's population takes a 5-year vacation aboard luxury space liners. It's 700 years later and only one WALL E is still operating, and the job is far from done. He spends his days compacting trash into cubes and then piling them up into skyscraper sized piles. At night, he plays with the collection of items he's rescued and watches the movie Music Man on a little television. Oh, and he has an indestructible cockroach as a companion.

This is a great kid's movie but you'll like it too. It's cute, has a good story (it made my 23-year-old daughter cry and little kids in the audience yelling "Oh, no!" at certain parts), and, as usual for a Pixar movie, the animation is just a wonder. And be sure to stay to the end of the credits. There are the usual Pixar inside jokes (see if you can spot the dinosaur from Toy Story).

Trailer of the week. Most of the trailers were for the same lousy movies we saw last week. But one was new. Later this summer a baseball movie calle The Perfect Game will be released. It is about a Mexican Little League team in 1957 which becomes the first non-US team to win the Little League World Series. If you're going to see one baseball movie this summer this is probably going to be it.

I give WALL E four capes (out of 5).

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NMboxer said...

Aha. We survived taking the kids to Kung Fu Panda...this is next up, so thanks for the reassuring words!