Monday, July 7, 2008

Fairfield Repack - 1

I was in Target Sunday morning and there was nothing new on the baseball card shelves. But they had some new repackaged cards by The Fairfield Company. The box has 4 packs (which you can see through the box windows), another 100 cards, and, be still my heart, a BONUS INSIDE! The 4 packs I can see are 2007 Bowman, 2007 Artifacts, 2005 Donruss Leather & Lumber, and 2005 Skybox Autographics. These were all nice cards so I say, what the heck? I'll probably do this in three posts.

Ths 100 cards inside were the usual collection of late 1980's Topps, early Upper Deck with a mix of random Fleer and Donruss cards. 20 of the cards were these 1988 Topps UK Minis which seem to be in every repack I buy these days. I've already written about these here. I have 42 of these already and the 20 in this box contain 10 dups. The "Bonus" turned out to be a pack of 1990 Donrus cards. Not really what I'd call a bonus. The pack does have a Bart Giamatti card which I didn't know existed. I have the 1990 topps Giamatti card.

2007 Bowman

Here's what I got:

#197 - Derrek Lee
#1 Hanley Ramirez
#119 Hideki Matsui

What's the deal with Matsui? I don't know too much about him. He seems to have decent stats, but Beckett doesn't rate him above a common.

#44 Mark Buehrle
#122 Greg Maddux
#128 Carlos Lee (Gold)
#74 Randy Wells (ChromeProspects X-Fractor) 227/250

#92 Neil Sellers (Chrome Prospects)
#63 Brandon Mann (Prospects)
#37 Brandon Roberts (Prospects)

Twp prospects named Brandon in a row. I'm pretty happy with this pack. The only dup I got was the Sellers card, but he's an Astro, so that's alright. And I didn't have a single X-Fractor card.

2007 Artifacts

I like these cards and don't have too many of them. Right out of the pack is:

#77 Daisuke Matsuzaka

#32 Vernon Wells
#35 Stephen Drew
#69 David Eckstein
#40 Ken Griffey, Jr.

If it wasn't for the Matsuzaka card, I'd have been unhappy with this pack as I had Drew, Eckstein, and Griffey in the 50 cards I already had. But Matsuzaka makes up for that. I had Andrew Miller (the 2nd best card in the set) so now I also have the best card in the set.

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